Navjot Singh Sadhu once again criticized

Navjot Singh Sadhu once again criticized: “Did the critics forget who touched the feet of Nawaz Sharif’s mother when Sadhu called Imran Khan a brother?”
India’s Sikh leader Navjot Singh Sadhu, who entered the world of politics from the field of cricket, has been with the bodice of controversy.

He first started a hurricane in 1996 when he left the tour unfinished and returned to India after an argument with Azharuddin, the captain of the Indian cricket team that was touring England.

But now he is under fire for allegedly calling former Pakistan cricketer and current Prime Minister Imran Khan ‘Big Brother’ and the names of both ‘Imran Khan’ and ‘Sadhu’ are trending on social networking sites in India. doing.

Navjot Singh Sadhu is the president of the Congress party in the Indian state of Punjab and during his recent visit to Kartarpur, his alleged calling Imran Khan ‘big brother’ did not go down well with many.

It may be recalled that earlier in 2018, when Sadhu Imran Khan arrived at the swearing-in ceremony, he was also subjected to severe criticism.

During the swearing-in ceremony, Sadhu was first criticized for sitting with President Masood Khan of Pakistan-administered Kashmir, and then for embracing General Bajwa, the Pakistani army chief, and exchanging phrases with smiles. Worked oil

Although Navjot Singh Sadhu’s arrival in Pakistan was welcomed, he was severely criticized in India.According to PTI, during his recent visit to Kartarpur, Sadhu allegedly said that opposition parties in India see similarities between extremist organizations like Daulat-e-Islamia and Boko Haram in Hindutva while ‘Bhai Jan’ in Imran Khan. See

Many consumers in India have been shocked by Sadhu’s statement but the number of users who are supporting and speaking in support of Sadhu is not small.

Ashok Sawai, a professor of Conflict Studies in Sweden, wrote directly to critics of Sadhu: “Those who are criticizing Sadhu for calling Imran Khan a brother have forgotten who Touched the feet of Nawaz Sharif’s mother and took prayers from her?

Clearly, the shock is a reference to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, when he suddenly arrived in Pakistan to meet Nawaz Sharif.Replying to a post on Sadhu by BJP member Amit Malviya, Amritsar MP Garjit Singh Aujla wrote, “Navjot Singh Sadhu is an old friend of Imran Khan who is now the Prime Minister of Pakistan but whenever he When the two meet, why do rats start jumping in your stomach?Former cricketer and Delhi-based BJP MP Gautam Gambhir slammed Sadhu, calling his statement “hateful” and “spineless”.

On the other hand, BJP state spokesperson Guru Goel wrote, “Navjot Singh Sadhu should be transferred to Pakistan immediately so that he can live with his elder brother.” I will bear the full cost of their transfer.

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