Why did Muhammad Nawaz drop the wicket on the last ball of Bangladeshi bowler?

The last and final match of the T20 series between Bangladesh and Pakistan took a dramatic turn yesterday.

Although the fans looked surprised and disappointed in the last game, they saw that both the teams are working hard to win.

This thrilling match between Bangladesh and Pakistan became even more interesting on the final goal. Somewhere on the last ball in the crease Pakistani player Muhammad Nawaz (Muhammad Nawaz) dropped the ball of the pitcher, which hit the wicket and then Bangladesh appealed. Of

Referee Tanveer Ahmed declared the ball dead. Nawaz scored four points in the final goal and Pakistan won. Stop the bowler on the last ball.


Mohammad Nawaz said that when the bowler did the hair, I just lowered my head, the hair was only half distance from me so I stopped him. “Everyone thought we should play singles at the time, but I tried to see the difference and make boundaries so they could win the game,” he said.

The national cricketer said that he worked hard to hit as it would be more difficult to prepare to hit the ball in today’s bowling game.

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