What did Hareem Shah say about the selfie taken with Imran Khan?

Famous Tak Tak Hareem Shah has talked about the selfie taken with Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Hareem Shah participated in a web show a few days ago in which the host of the program asked what is your favorite selfie, to which Hareem replied that the selfie taken with Imran Khan is my favorite. Hareem Shah said That I am affiliated with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, we went to his residence in Bani Gala to meet Imran Khan.

Hareem said that Imran Khan is respectable to me.

In addition, Hareem Shah during the program, under the slogan “Warm the food yourself” said that it is the responsibility of the woman to serve her husband, if you can not feed your husband or wash his clothes, then marriage Absolutely not.

Hareem Shah added that a woman should not be prevented from working, getting an education or choosing a spouse.

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