China’s ‘economic war’ to ‘destabilize’ Australia

US President Joe Biden’s top Pacific diplomat has accused China of destabilizing Australia by imposing various sanctions.
According to AFP, veteran diplomat Kurt Campbell said that the sanctions imposed by China on Australia amounted to an “economic war”.In remarks to the Sydney-based Louis Institute, Kurt Campbell criticized Beijing for its heavy weapons strategy.
He said China’s attitude was aggressive and it was determined to impose its will abroad.
Kurt Campbell added that Beijing was engaged in an economic war against Australia.
Over the past two years, China has introduced sanctions against Australian products. China has done so under intense political controversy.
“China’s priority is to destabilize Australia,” said Kurt Campbell, who is currently the Indo-Pacific coordinator at the White House.
Australia has barred Chinese company Huawei from a five-G contract and called for an independent investigation into the corona virus outbreak. Australia’s move has angered China.
The Australian goods that China has banned include barley, coal, copper ores, cotton, sugar, beef and grains.
The Biden administration has adopted a policy of “strategic competition” with China, which means the United States acknowledges hostility between the two countries but will maintain relations so that conflicts do not escalate.

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