Sialkot incident, 13 main accused arrested, IG Punjab Police

IG Punjab Police Rao Sardar Ali Khan said that 13 main accused involved in Sialkot incident have been arrested.

In Kolahor on Saturday, Punjab government spokesman Hassan Khawar and IG Punjab Rao Sardar Ali Khan spoke at a press conference about the death of a foreign national in a factory in Sialkot on Friday.

Hassan Khawar said that the case of this incident has been registered in the complaint of the police. In 24 hours, the police conducted 200 raids and arrested 118 persons including 13 main accused. He said 12 hours of footage was obtained from 107 cameras and CDR and mobile data were analyzed while video forensics were being conducted.

Hassan Khawar said that the postmortem of the deceased has been done and the Ministry of Home Affairs will give the amount to the Sri Lankan embassy while no concession will be taken from any person. He clarified that if the negligence of government officials was proved in this incident then regular action would be taken.

On the occasion, IG Punjab Rao Sardar Ali Khan said that the scuffle at Sialkot factory started at 10:02 am and a foreigner was killed at 11:05 am.

He said that initially the police did not know the sensitivity of the incident. The road was blocked near the spot and DPO walked for 15 minutes and the first response of the police was 16 minutes after receiving the information.

According to Hassan Khawar, 800 to 900 people were present and the foreign national had been killed till the first report was received by the police. The IG Punjab said that everything happened inside the factory and there was no police or intelligence inside the factory. Rao Sardar said that 13 main accused have also given confessional statements.

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