Pakistan’s whitewash in Test series after T20

On the last day of the rain-affected Dhaka Test match between Pakistan and Bangladesh, the hosts lost to Pakistan by an innings and 8 runs.

After the follow-on, the Bangladesh team started their second innings, it was no different from the first innings and its wickets continued to fall from the beginning.

Bangladesh’s second innings

The first wicket of the home team’s second game was won by Mahmoud Al Hassan Joy, who scored six straight goals and fell to Hassan Ali.

The other player who got out was Shadman Islam. He managed to score 2 runs. Shaheen Shah showed him the way to the pavilion.

When the team’s score reached 19 runs, Mominul Haq got LBW on Hassan Ali’s hair.

Najamul Hassan Shanto, who scored 6 runs for the hosts, was LBWed by Shaheen Shah.

Lytton Das and Mushfiqur Rahim supported the team and established a partnership of 73 runs. Lytton Das scored 45 points and Sajid Khan’s ball was caught by Fawad Alam.

When the team’s score reached 147, Mushfiqur Rahim was run out for 48 runs. Mehdi Hassan Mirza was the seventh player to be dismissed. He was LBWed by Babar Azam.

Shakib Al Hasan was the eighth wicket of the host team, he was bowled by Sajid Khan for 63 runs while the ninth out player Khalid Ahmed was also shown the way to the pavilion by Sajid.

Tejul Islam was the last Bangladeshi to be dismissed. He was LBWed by Sajid Khan.

In the second innings, Sajid Khan got four wickets, Shaheen Shah and Hassan Ali got two wickets each and captain Babar Azam got one wicket.

Earlier in the day, Bangladesh were bowled out for 87 in their first innings at the start of the last day’s play. The hosts needed 194 more runs to cover the first innings deficit.


In the first innings, Sajid Khan took 8 wickets for the national team and Shaheen Shah dismissed one player while one player was run out.

Off-spinner Sajid Khan’s record-breaking bowling
Sajid Khan has become the second Pakistani off-spinner to take 8 wickets in an innings.

For Pakistan, Abdul Qadir had taken 9 wickets for 56 runs against England in 1987 while Sarfraz Nawaz had taken 9 wickets for 86 runs against Australia in 1979.

Besides, Sikandar Bakht and Imran Khan have also taken 8 wickets in an innings.

Najamul Hussain Shanto scored 30 runs for Bangladesh while Shakib Al Hasan was dismissed for 34 runs. In addition, no player of the host team could enter the double figure.

Fourth day game in Dhaka Test


In the second leg of the fourth day of the match, Pakistan announced 300 points from the first leg. Captain Babar Azam, Azhar Ali, Mohammad Rizwan and Fawad Alam completed half a century.

Rizwan scored 86 goals with a six-point, four-point shot, while Pawad Alam scored 96 goals with a four-point and seven-point shot, marking a half-century.

When the fourth day of the match began, national team captains Baba Azam and Azar Ali were absent. After that, Rizwan and Fawad Alam shared over 100 runs.

first match in pakistan

The players who have resigned from the national team are Abdul Shafik, Avid Ali, Azar Ali and Baba Azam. When Abdul Shafik was fired for 25 points, Pakistan’s first wicket fell to 59 points, and another player out was Avid Ali, who scored 39 points. Assembly

Pakistan’s third place fell to 193 and fourth to 197. The three out was Azhar Ali, who played 56 innings, and fell in fourth place to Babar Azam, who played 76 innings.

Pakistan’s two opening games were lost to Bangladesh’s Tejul Islam, with the third wicket handled by Ibadat Hussain and the fourth by Khalid Ahmed.

Dhaka is affected by rain for about two days.
The match on the 3rd day could not be played in Dhaka due to continuous rain, the match on the 2nd day was canceled due to rain during round 6.2, and the match on the first day was canceled early due to lack of light. ㄔ

By the end of the second day, the Pakistan national team had conceded two wickets and scored 188 points, and at the end of the first day the national team had lost two wickets and had scored 161 points.

Pakistan chose to win the toss and hit the ball first.
In previous tests, Pakistan decided to hit the ball first and keep the winning combination.

In addition to captain Babar Azam, the national team also includes vice captains Mohamed Rizwan, Abid Ali, Abdul Shafik, Azal Ali, Hassan Ali, Norman Ali, Shaheen Shah Afridi, Sajid Khan and Fahim Ashraf.

Meanwhile, host country Bangladesh has changed squads three times, replacing Yasser Ali and Saif with Shaqip Hassan, Mahmoud Hassan and Khalid Hussein. · Hassan, Abu Zabid.

You will remember Pakistan beating Bangladesh with 8 wickets in the first game of both test series.


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