The first case report of the local relocation of Omi Kroon in Singapore

The first case of Omi Crohn’s variant of corona virus transmitted locally has been reported in Singapore.

Cases of the Omi Crown variant from South Africa have surfaced in various countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and India.

Singapore officials say the first case to be transferred locally in the country was diagnosed by a member of the airport staff.

According to foreign media, the authorities have warned that more cases of Omi Cron may come to light in Singapore. Omi Kroon was diagnosed but the woman has been vaccinated and has not shown any symptoms.

Singapore’s health ministry says a 24-year-old female airport worker may have met a passenger from Omi Kron-infected countries who transmitted the virus.

It may be recalled that three days ago,

Singapore’s Ministry of Health says both people infected with Omi Kroon have been given booster doses of Corona.

It should be noted that corona vaccination of 96% of eligible people in Singapore has been completed and the process of giving booster dose to the people in the tourist country is underway.

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