Wife’s mistake just sent Nandan’s pilot’s teacher to jail

There is a famous saying that behind every successful person there is a hand of a woman but the teacher of the pilot of Pakistan Air Force who killed Nandan plane was sent to jail due to his wife’s mistake or negligence. He approached the High Court.

Journalist Asad said in a video for his YouTube channel that on February 27, 2019, the wing commander of the Indian Air Force, the teacher of the Pakistani pilot who shot down Nandan’s plane, filed a petition in the Lahore High Court Rawalpindi Bench in which he took a position that his secret was due to a telephone call. Hafiz Farooq Ahmad Khan, a civilian lecturer at Pakistan Air Force Murree College, took a stand in the petition that on February 27, he was watching TV while sitting with his wife.  You will have a big party in honor of the pilots. Following his arrest, four “secret laws” were enacted, including those that endangered national security and the lives of officers.

After the audio came out, Airintelligence arrested Hafiz Farooq Ahmed Khan and questioned why the recording went viral and then how.  after calling the student. Went out and didn’t even know that the phone received as a gift from Brother Relatives contains self-recording. Not only that, he is an IT teacher and also sent his headmistress and also gave the message that Hafiz Sahib’s students have done a proud job. 

According to Asad, after Begum sent a few people, the lecturer also sent audio to his close friends and relatives, numbering about 61, some of whom uploaded the audio on social media which was shared by millions of people. Heard Petitioner’s position now is that it was an unintentional act and not something that cannot be ignored. Following his capture, four sections of the “secret law” were issued, which included national security and endangered the lives of military officers.  , Including recording these authorized conversations and spreading them among the people. 

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