Why are thousands of housewives being forced to commit suicide every year in India?

(thousands of housewives suicide)Why are thousands of housewives forced to commit suicide every year in India?

According to the latest figures from the government’s National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), 22,372 housewives committed suicide last year. This means that an average of 61 housewives commit suicide every day, or one suicide every 25 minutes.

A total of 153,052 suicides occurred in India during the year 2020 and 14.6% of them were housewives. The number of women is more than 50%.

And last year there was nothing new about it. Since 1997, the NCRB has been collecting data on suicides and sorting them by profession. According to this data, about 20,000 housewives take their own lives every year. In 2009, the number was 25,092.Media reports often cite ‘family issues’ or ‘marital issues’ as the cause of suicide. But what is the reason that thousands of women in India commit suicide every year?

Mental health experts say one of the main reasons is domestic violence. In a recent government survey, 30% of all women admitted that they had been abused by their husbands. It also includes daily hardships that lead to oppression of women after marriage and suffocation in the new home.

Dr. Osha Verma,

According to Dr. Osha Verma, a clinical psychologist in the northern city of Varanasi, ‘women have a lot of endurance. But there is a limit to this tolerance.

“Most girls get married at the age of 18, which is the legal age for marriage. She soon becomes a wife and daughter-in-law and spends most of her time at home cooking, cleaning and doing household chores. He is subjected to all sorts of hardships and his personal freedom is diminished. And he rarely has access to his own money. ”

“His education and aspirations are no longer meaningful and his aspirations are slowly falling apart. Despair and despair begin to creep into his mind and then living is tantamount to enduring violenceDr. Osha says that the cause of suicide in older women is something else. According to her, many older women have experienced empathy nest syndrome in which they feel lonely after their children grow up and leave home. “Many women suffer from the symptoms of peri-menopause, which can lead to depression and crying.”

But he says it’s easier to prevent suicide in such a situation because “if you stop someone once, they’re more likely to stop.”
Psychiatrist Sumatra Pathare explains that many suicides in India are caused by emotional judgment. “As soon as the man comes home, he beats his wife and kills her.”

According to her, independent research shows that one third of Indian women who commit suicide are victims of domestic violence in the past. But the NCRB data never mentions domestic violence.

Violence.of Women

“Many women who are victims of domestic violence are able to keep their senses because they receive informal support,” says Psychologist Chetali Sinha at the Bangalore-based mental health app Vesa.

. He has counseled women who have survived suicide attempts. He says women travel on local trains to form small support groups or talk to neighbors about buying vegetables.

“After the men went to work, the housewives had a safe place to talk,” he said. But the global epidemic also took its toll. In the case of domestic violence, this means that they are caught with the oppressor. It has also limited their mobility and it is no longer possible for them to do everything that gives them happiness or peace of mind. Anger, pain and frustration increase with time and ultimately suicide is the only way for them.

India also has the highest number of suicides in the world. Indian men’s suicides account for a quarter of the world’s total, while Indian women aged 15-39 make up 36% of all suicides worldwide.

But Dr Pathare, who has worked on mental illness and suicide prevention, says the figures released by India at the official level are understated and do not really address the issue.

Million of Deaths 

If you look at the Million Death Study  or the Lancet study, suicides in India are reported to be 30% to 100% lower. ۔ ‘

He says that even today the issue of suicide is not openly discussed. There is an element of embarrassment and many families try to hide it. “There is no need for postmortem in rural areas and rich people are pressuring the local police to register suicide as accidental death. The police entry is not confirmed.

India is now developing a national suicide prevention strategy. Dr Pathare said improving data should be the first priority.

“If you look at the statistics of suicide attempts in India, they are very low. This is four to 20 times more than suicides anywhere in the world. If 150,000 suicides were recorded in India last year, then the number of survivors of suicide attempts should be between 600,000 and 600,000.

According to Dr Pathare, a large section of India’s population is at risk and urgent action is needed to prevent suicides. But bad data can have global consequences.

The United Nations aims to reduce global suicides by a third by 2030. But in the past, our suicides have increased by 10% compared to last year. Reducing it is still a dream.

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