Why is Christmas celebrated around the world on December 25?

The name Christmas (  Why is Christmas celebrated around the world on December 25?)    comes from God, and traditionally occurs during sunset and before the new sun rises the next day, ie at midnight. Christmas is a period that has become such a great tradition in the world that it is no longer celebrated only by Christians, it is celebrated by the whole nation because it is actually a time of year when families gather together, people give each other presents and thank each other for the end of the old and the coming of the New Year. The first celebration of Christmas began on December 25, 336 AD, during the reign of Emperor Constantine, who was the first Roman-Christian emperor. A few years later, Pope Julius officially declared December 25 the date of the birth of the Son of God. There are many stories and tales that indicate why Jesus’ birth is celebrated on the 25th, although the Bible does not explicitly state that date

Legend birth

The first legend about the birth of Jesus is related to the legend that Mary (the mother of God) had a vision on March 25 that she would give birth to a special child, that she would give birth to a son of God, conceived by an angel, so nine months after that date is December 25. There is also a belief that March 25 was the exact date when Jesus was crucified and died, which is closely related to the date of his birth and death.

The date of Jesus’ birth is associated with the winter solstice celebrated by the pagan Romans on the occasion of the birth of the pagan god of the sun from Mithras, which assures that the holy day of the creation of the world takes place on Sunday and from there the creation of the world begins.

Just as the period before Jesus is counted as a period before our era, and the period after the birth of Jesus marks the years of our existence. Hanukkah is a holiday of the Jewish calendar beginning on December 25, and also for the main reason that Jesus was also a Jew this date is associated with his birth. Most of the world’s population uses the Gregorian calendar implemented by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 year, and previously used the Roman or Julian calendar, which is named after Caesar. The Gregorian calendar is more accurate than the Romanian calendar which has too many days in the year, ie in England for example the change of calendar time was made in 1752 when the day of September 2 in 1752 was changed to September 14, 1752 the next day.

So when exactly was Jesus born? Jesus was born (              in a cave with sheep in it, so it is unlikely thatWhy is Christmas celebrated around the world on December 25?) he was born in winter but in warmer weather because the shepherds did not keep that period on the hill because of the heavy snowfall as described in the story of Jesus. The birth of Jesus was announced by a shepherd, which as a rule was not a period of the year, the shepherds grazed their flocks, that is, they grazed them from spring until the end of autumn. No matter what date Christmas is celebrated is a time of blowing, a time of happiness, a time of family and loved ones and a time of much happiness and love. Congratulations to all who celebrate it around the world.

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