We tested Amazon automation…why is it a scam, or not?

Amazon has become the number one e-commerce platform in the world. Given such a large customer base, many businesses decided to sell their products on the multi-billion platform and join the other 9.7 million suppliers already there.

With an average of over 1 million new suppliers per year, it’s hard to differentiate yourself from the rest as a product owner.

But despite this, businesses and individuals are still trying to find ways to make a living as a leading e-commerce retailer.

One of the latest trends to catch our attention on Sortlist is Amazon Automation . The latest form of making big bucks on Amazon…

We started digging into the concept and found ourselves in a sea of ​​” is Amazon automation a scam ” reports, hesitations, and dreams come true…so naturally, we had to test it out for ourselves.

What is Amazon Automation Service?

Amazon automation is a dream come true for any business: turnkey service . You have an idea, give it to someone else who is in charge of everything, and you share the profits while you sit back and watch the numbers increase.

The service is said to take care of basic business tasks such as managing inventory negotiations, shipping, planning for growth, finding investments, planning marketing strategies…

But how does this work?

With your ideas and limited funds, you put your business in the hands of e-commerce experts who happen to have the funds to build your empire for you as an Amazon seller.

Dreams… right?

The thinking behind it all

Kevin David and David Arnett are the two masterminds behind Amazon’s “utopian” business strategy.

A world-renowned e-commerce expert, Kevin has over 400,000 followers on Instagram and nearly 800,000 subscribers on Facebook.

He often posts tips and tricks on how to sell products online and came up with the idea for Amazon Automation after stumbled across Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) , a standard for selling products on the platform by shipping them to designated Amazon store warehouses Way to let Amazon do the rest.

On the other hand, David Arnett, an Amazon store sales specialist, is Kevin’s right-hand man to integrate their knowledge into a super e-commerce Amazon brain.


After reading various articles about Amazon automation and what it can do for you, we’re curious about how the service really works because it looks too good to be true…

We Tested Amazon Automation…and It Gets Weird Quickly

Entering our email into the spam box feels like entering a vault…if the purple box on the homepage doesn’t look like a creepy disney villain trying to lure you, it pops up once inside the site up seems to remind you that Kevin David is just an ordinary guy willing to build you a successful Amazon business empire.

When was the last time someone tried to sell you something and their opening line was “I’m a regular…”

From the beginning, we felt like we were an elite, special, unique part of that 1%, and our life problems could disappear thanks to Amazon’s automation .

At this point, it’s still unclear what the service is going to do for us, so we opted not to click the annoying orange button below to book our call, but rather the little cross in the top right corner.

It’s everything you can dream of…in your nightmares

We declined the original call invitation, so we were given a 30-minute “life-changing video” to convince us why we should reconsider calling them.

The sheer thumbnail of the video made us suspicious and gave us the opposite feeling of wanting to hit the play button.

It’s almost starting to feel like a video game, “when the timer hits zero, the next step will be unlocked”…

But we play games because we want to know more.

If you trust the service at all, and with the information (or lack thereof) provided so far, we can save you 15 minutes by telling you that the first half of the video still doesn’t give any hints. Turnkey service engineering.

Instead, we watched PowerPoint presentations from previous clients (who never revealed what they sold), complete with a voiceover from Kevin David, telling us how amazing Amazon’s automated services are.

How does Amazon automation work?

Investors in Amazon automation buy your products in bulk at extremely low prices, store them in their allocated warehouse ( separate from the designated warehouse provided by Amazon ) and sell them on the website for a high price.

This seems like a standard business model for selling on any e-commerce site, but Kevin David managed to make it seem like a revolutionary way to make money where you, their customer, don’t have to do anything.

The video goes on to show various customers displaying various graphs and numbers on their phones to show that their sales are on the rise…and it still feels so.

Finally, we start to get to the end of the video, where Kevin gives us some last-minute enticing messages like “myths about Amazon”…

Tell us your total net worth

If we weren’t annoyed enough about giving them an email address, we don’t know what we’re getting into…or more like what Thomas Skarges is getting into.

The form we had to fill out before booking a call with Kevin became more and more annoying as we filled it out.

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