Earn Money By Playing Games

It’s a very unique app. You could be at work, choose a music station you like best, and earn several points per minute while you’re listening to it. It’s not like you’re going to get rich off of this app, but it’s very easy supplemental income. I just got an email to redeem $10 in bitcoin for 100 points, and you get 1000 points for completing the tutorial.Easy install ,when working right you really can make money.

I’ve had fun with the games when I can get to them. Also the longer you have the app the more problems you have getting your points on special deals like contests and offers. They send generated emails and never fix the problem or say nothing to investigate so the only way to make points is music and you have to check in every 15 min or you stop making points and jump through hoops to get it started again.Something is definitely broken here.

After updating the app I haven’t been able to complete a survey or earn points playing games. The other boosters, including charging, haven’t worked for me for the past few months, but I could overlook that. But now I basically have no way of earning points outside of the news and video boosters which give you 5 points per article and 1-15 or so points per video respectively. It’s a slow, awful trudge to get a few dollars at this point.
This app overall is a good music app. I enjoy the music options. However some of the other activities I’ve tried to earn more points such as the surveys especially, I never qualify to participate in any of them. Please accommodate stay at home mothers aswell.

Not all of us have high paying jobs or senior posts because it seems like if your not of high education standards then u don’t qualify for the surveys. Aren’t these apps designed mostly for the unemployed to help make an income?I emailed multiple times because I have a little concern about my account. There’s no offer available in mega offer. Before I email and complain I’ve try everything but nothing changed so, I try to email but as expected no response or automative replies.

They suggest but nothing changed at all so, I believe it’s my account not my phone. But no is willing to help my problem so, I need to change my review here.I like this app but they have a lot of ads, so much ads that i cant even read/see the whole screen because it’s covered by the ads. For example, ive had this app for a week now and bearly notice the offer to verify my phone number because it was covered by the ads. I would give it 5 stars if i can only see everything this app has to offer me.

Don’t waste your time with this. Almost every survey you try to take won’t qualify you, and/or leaves you with only a couple OR 0 points. And even worse, it doesn’t let you redeem a gift card after you spent DAYS letting music play to work for it; its status is complete, you copy the code to your clipboard, and the code isn’t on your clipboard! And when you try to close you Mode Earn account, it says it “ran into an issue” and then you have to start the process all over. An absolute rip-off.Like the app,

but it could include more info. I think it would be great if it could give you more info on your points like in categories. Also the app should include a frequently asked question section cause I am interested on knowing why earning cents per minute changes throughout the day. I like the surveys but it would be nice feature to pre-qualify a survey once instead of asking the same questions repeatedly.

I do like the app and I look forward to its progress.Update: I absolutely love this app. I am working on my 3rd reward! I went bigger this time. But this is an app that truly pays what it says!! So far I love the app. Haven’t had any issues. I just sent for my first redemption. I will update to 5 stars when I receive it. Have had other apps deny stuff and did all the work for nothing. But my house listens to music religiously so this app has been a perfect addition so far!!!Almost everything is great. I don’t like the new automated support. There is no option to get a person if you don’t fit in one of the questions.

I am very offended by one of the ads that comes up while I am playing games on your site. After all this I can’t remember the name of the game, but it is pretty pornographic in cartoon form. Disgusting. I can’t believe you haven’t had more complaints and taken it off. if you fix this I will edit my review.Over a year later I decided to try this app again. I actually really love the variety in stations and the previous spotty connection doesn’t happen anymore. I still have the same complaint – I don’t want to have the lock screen ads. Unfortunately they can’t be turned off.

On Reddit I saw recommendations to force stop the app. Haven’t tried that yet, but I do snooze it for 4 hours EVERY time it pops up. We’ll see how long I keep this app until this feature annoys me enough to rage delete.
I love the idea of this app but i would love a little more development on the design and mechanics of the aplication. The interface could be a little more developed and minimalised. Also the appearance of the Ads could be minimalised. I’ve been using thr app for a few days and these are my first impressions and opinions.I thought this app was great and I was earning points easily.

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