Earn Money By Watching videos

I love this app, just got my 2nd$ 10 payout. But it needs further variety of games. There is literally 2 or 3 for me to choose from, and I do not like niche games or” elude” games. I play the bijou game on there, but I always run out of coins & have to stay for them to make up again. I love bingo but didn’t like the bingo game on there that combined monopoly,etc.However, I’d fluently give this app 5 starsSo Far, So Good!

I’m enjoying the operation, If there were further games. I wouldn’t know what to say about it if I was working and had literally minimum time to sit around and click on effects all day but for the utmost part I’m enjoying the process. Having issues with ascertaining my points and benefits and isn’t allowing me to get the prices I’ve earned. Other than that, there are possibilities if the app were developedbetter.Does the check in status reset after 30 days of checking in? I was on day 29 when I went to sleep,

and I woke up moment to see it was back to 0! If its supposed to reset, I will change my review to 5 stars because this is the first issue I have had so far. I tried getting help with earnie but he could not understand my question. Other than this issue, the app has been great. I really hope it justresets!Not bad, still it’s slightly deceiving. It promises prices for harkening to radio stations.

Still, the bulk of your points come from effects likesurveys.However, you can rack up points fairly serviceably, but do not anticipate to get enough points to add up to further than$ 1 by just harkening to radio via the app, If you like doingsurveys.It has is bugs, news do not give you boosters, charging points got 3 times slower, and cinch screen and charging adds with sound are constantly stopping the music, please disable sound for cinch and charging screen, also games use to be for play time, now is per position,

but ever since that update now my phone will not indeed register the games after playing for a long time to get an hr supporter, also if we pay a figure for PayPal why make us stay days to get paid, just play app pays you incontinently ever 3hrs.it started good, but just takes too long to get anything. 5 days to make$ 10, I could have done commodity way more productive. I’ll be uninstalling. thanks anyway.

Well, it’s veritably glitchy, occasionally vids would start playing also just indurate, the worst was i just had to cancel the app because i went to charge my phone and the app came on and the phone took ever to charge and made my phone so hot that i could slightly hold it. that was it for me. uninstalled. not enough income to justify having to buy a new phone because of an app. sorry. There are a lot of music selections, but indeed also, the music would stall as well and stop every many seconds also start back over.

It isn’t my phone because all other apps work justfine.I’ll change my review once they’ve fixed my issue with payout which has been reported for over two weeks now. Update Further than a month after reporting cash out issue, the problem is still not fixed and the only answer I get every time I ask for update is that it’s an ongoing issue, no timeline given so maybe this would take a while. Update Payout issue was eventually fixed and entered the quantum moment.

Hopefully there will be no more unbornglitches.Nice app kinda slow but can not complain cause I just have to sit and hear to music principally unless I want to do the other stuff. I detest checks tho. On any app. Atleast this bone gives a little commodity for sharing a bit if you do not qualify. Have not cashed out yet but I am nearly 30 percent in 2 days and I am not indeed doing it heavy so that isnice.

It’s easy to make plutocrat on this app just as long as it states what it states I can be offline of the music with it and it should still be suitable to work as long as I’ve my phone plugged in charging but it’s not done that it actually cut off when the music stops playing it cuts off the earning the plutocrat earning the pay through the charging as well. I’ve had the app for about a couple days now.

It is not too bad, advertisements I can live with. But occasionally it freezes my phone every then and there. I like the music I wish you could search an artist you would like harkening too rather of picking a kidney and hoping you get to hear to your artist. And occasionally when I like skip a song the whole music just spins and I’ve to get out of the app, and renew it again. Other also that the app is enoughfun!This is a great app for harkening to music, gaming, checks and stupendous for earning PayPal and giftcards.

There are a couple of annoying issues with the app lading and it hijacks my phone while I play other game apps where it cuts me off in the middle of my other games that I pay for. I also have annoying moments with frequent memorial advertisements for their onsite earning options I’m not interested in like their bitcoin cashout etc. I am still willing to give a 4 star because it’s fast to payoutsI read all the negative reviews but still decided to give this app a pass. At first I was agitated but also I just got irked. I would play music at the smallest position because the music was either elevator music, rap, or some obscure sound

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