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Terrible Runner. Viber does not keep its own list of connections, unlike Telegram or Slack, or Skype. To manage connections it demands access to my phone’s connections. Viber does not keep converse history in the pall. I had to uninstall at one point, also installed back and lost times of dispatches. To keep history, it demands access to read and write into Google Drive.

I will not give it access to my lines, because it’s a Chinese app with Russian investors, so I do not trust them to follow sequestrationlaws.The app’s backup settling unknownly changes itself from typically backing up to my google drive to Huewai drive rather (my phone is Honor 7X comes with Android ISO and Huewai apps/ drive-before Google ceases Huewai’Android ISO.) I didn’t use Huewai drive for my backup. Now it keeps telling me there’s error in backing up my data. The backup setting can not be changed (from Huewai drive) because there’s no setting in the app to alter it. Restoring the app didn’t resolve this. Break it,pls!It’s the stylish to communicate you are family and musketeers ( work too).

But with this apps there is always a down part like This contact isn’t in you are contact list, like if we want we will put them in our contact list and all the time is there. Or Comercial’s the just put them in the list and they do nothing the just sit there, indeed if you try to text them the will say, the comercial doesent want dispatches. That is the only bad thing everything differently is top notch. (This is an automatic Standing by a bot).

I’m getting bugs now a days. I do nt get my exchanges while I’m on wifi. I get a announcement as new communication; and when i try transferring communication or refreshing there’s announcement saying There seems to be a problem connecting to Vibers’s service. Please check your connection and try again. And formerly I switch to mobile data, Smash. there’s the communication andall.Hello. I’ve Honor 20.

I set my google account for back over Viber and after 2-3 days says that I can not back up because it’s switch on Huawei account. I’ve also Huawei P30 and don’t have that problem. When i reinstall app, set again Google account, after many days same thing. How can I resolvethat.However, I would not have wasted precious time in my unprofitable attempts to break the problem, If I had known that the viber service is so over-to- date. I would communicate them incontinently. That’s my assignment, and I recommend other druggies not to vacillate to ask for help from the viber service.

Help will come from them with an understanding of the problem, commitment to the problem and a desire to break it. All words of gratefulness fromme.Majority of effects are good in Viber. But, it hasn’t appear MYNOTED.it is okay with my computer. Ever there will be way tofix.However, that would be great, if i would using VIBER NOTED my phone again. Hope my feedback you see and fix it soonAs long as I can not unsubscribe from channels or use Viber on my desktop when I do not have my phone, it’s not veritably good.

Is there really a need for this top notch security QR canons and so on, it’s frustrating when I can not just use the word. And the different groups & channels that you can only snooze is a horrible idea! Makes me wan na uninstall the app altogetherBest app for connecting with family and musketeers. It’s also veritably useful for academy and work. Though it’s occasionally annoying when switching from phone to phone. You can not see any of your former filmland through the app and have to go to gallery to see them.

Other also that, this is a greatapp.Does not work with Bluetooth connections! Fully broken software in 2021. Theft of Google account address book and save to Google drive so unlike Skype which can have an independent participated address book. This interpretation is also unfit to get SMS or phone call authentication. This interpretation did not work at all for me! I reinstalled 3 times but noway got any SMS or call from Viber when no problem entering from anyone elseMost of the time dispatches aren’t transferred indeed though I transferredit.However,

there will not be any dispatches that I’ve transferred, If I go back and open the converse. I’ve to again resend the same dispatches from the first. Please fix this problem. It’s too importantirritating.As this app constantly takes further and further storehouse, I guess 64Gb phones will not be suitable to use it in near future. Adding stuff that I guarantee 99 of people do not use, does not only take storehouse, app becomes further and further unresponsive, unreliable, it lags and crushes all the time.

It lost it’s mainpurpose.This is a great app that is private. You can text, make calls, videotape calls, indeed group texting or calls and stylish of all Google is not transferring you weird advertisements about stuff that you were just talking about that means they are not watchingyou.Messages stopped delivering. Reinstalled and during activation got activation failed. Googled for result and plant that this error will come when account is blocked. I’ve entered no reason or announcement from viber for blocking.

Have posted client care. Give proper logic via dispatch when you’re blocking someone.How about removing the new features which I do not suppose anybody uses. Ever since those features were added, the”Viber is not responding” alert has been showing up more frequently than I can tolerate. Transferring my family 3 filmland took 15 twinkles because it keeps dragging andrestarting.Really Great app, only complain I’ve is a fairly new point which enables me to pierce earlier exchanges without some kind of word. It gets on my jitters because I’ve a lot of particular data inthem.Incredible! I wish put further stars,

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