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I’m having issues with linked bias. Whatsapp business is forcing me to join beta every after 15 days. It doesn’t allow me to leave the beta, I’ve tried every manner to find out the the option’ leave beta’but could not find it as instructed by the whatsapp help runner. I’ve checked all the forums but couldnt suitable to break this. Now every 15 days I’ve to reinstall the whatsapp to recapture the normal interpretation. I’m really pissed off with the beta interpretation. Pls help me out how I can avoidthis?By the way, this app is fine, but it has some excrescencies that can be removed, similar as not being suitable to show online, the coming person won’t have an online show, thankyou.Overall veritably good.

The only problem is that I can not choose the ringtone which I want. That is why I’m rating it to 3stars.Over all good app but need to punctuate some points. 1-In a private converse, how can we search or check labelled massage? 2- Need to to ameliorate bus reply service like voice notes should be transferred as bus reply. 3- Do whatsapp business notify the inactive exchanges?? I unfortunately couldn’t take original and google drive backup due to mobile less memory. The app doesn’t have any point to support in this matter. Eventually I had lost my important dispatches and documents many of the business audio clips aswell.So numerousbugs.gifs does not show and eventually it does not work without VPN.

but there should be lock system of app to maintain sequestration ofapp.And during videotape call app should allow to open own picture whilemultitask.Apps is veritably good and easy to use but there’s only 1 problem i facing that the last seen time isn’t streamlining by tone means if u in the converse room and other person go offline so the viber first show last seen a moment agone but not change in that when u near and re open the viber also viber show change last seen time plzzzz fix this only problem othervise viber is a good platform for communication thankuThis was for a long time my favorite app, but lately has come unworkable in my estimation.

The difficulty in texting now is due to a narrow exposure or window of what you’re texting, about one line and partial exposure of a alternate line. It’s really delicate to oversee what you have formerly written and extremely delicate to edit. Also the box to skip a paragraph is vacant, only on Viber. I’m now directing musketeers to Skype or WhatsApp, bothsuperior.It doesn’t work for binary apps of asus or binary runner of Samsung. The 2nd viber on the same phone using a different number ( binary apps or binary apps) can not restore back, can not load images, can not load vids, can not shoot vids, AND can not shoot images.

It’s like a normal messaging apps. It was working ahead. Now it’s not. Whathappened?It’s really not thoughtful that there’s no easier way to transfer your data from old to new phone. When you download the app the first and only thing you’re asked for is to subscribe up. Filling in your number automatically deletes the account on your former phone.

All other apps have an option on the main screen to transfer data, only for viber you need to go on their forum and read aboutit.I’m thrilled with all new stuff you added, but you have not fixed two main issues 1. While in group, cargo more dispatches loads them on top of new bones, not on the bottom of old bones, so I’ve to scroll towards aged dispatches. 2. While in group and cargo more dispatches pressed, when I open any media or link, after ending, Viber positions me at the newest loaded communication, and not at the position from which I’ve opened the media orlink.Hello Viber! I’ve good experience with the app.

Lately had problems when transferring a recently taken print from camera. Viber hangs when trying to do that. And one further simple thing is missing. It’s custom-made announcement sounds for specific connections. Numerous empty apps have this option, it’s strange that serious app like Viber doesn’t support this. Hope it’ll be added with unborn updates. Stylishregards.

When I tried opening up my account on my lately bought phone, I could not gain access to it despite getting the law a many times to no mileage. With the call rep’s help, I had to uninstall the app in order to start over. The result was a blast I was suitable to connect to my particular account successfully. Chipsahoy!The app is one of the stylish texting operations- still there are issues, like maybe someone sweared or cursed, you can not cancel the communication for EVERYONE so they can not see it, too bad.

The alternate problem is, no channels inside communities. Maybe you projected the ruled communication, and you made an advertisement so you need to jut that, but it’ll not show the rules for new druggies, and the advertisement won’t show for everyone formerly there have been lots of dispatches. Overall, greatapp.Recently I’ve started to have issues when transferring a picture from my gallery.

It frozens and doesn’t shoot the snap. Frequently it takes a lof of time to fete the filmland from the gallery. The only result is to close the app and try again. It needs several sweats in orfer to shoot a snap successfully. Near to awfulexperience!I like the idea, and it has worked nicely well for a couple of times now. I used to like that it works so well on a computer (which is SO much easier to class on than a phone keyboard!). But I only gave it 3 stars because the desktop interpretation is not nearly so good any more.

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